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There are many testimonies of how God has healed and blessed at the Healing & Anointing Meetings at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.

Come and receive your healing at our next Healing and Anointing Meeting on the September 19th, 8pm to receive your breakthrough.

If you believe, you will receive your breakthrough as nothing is too hard for the Lord. So come with expectation.

See you there!
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You can write your testimony so as to bring glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.This testimony would be used in our website, magazine, brochure or Healing Meeting where applicable.

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A Sister named Esther came to the Prayer Tower on Friday(13th July) limping and hunched as she had a fall 10 years ago
I have been working in a company for 12 years. For the past 10 years, I did not receive any promotion from my company. Sometime in August this year, I called the Prayer Tower
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