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There are many testimonies of how God has healed & blessed at the Healing and Anointing Meetings at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.

Come to our next Healing and Anointing Meeting on the Feb 20th, 8pm to receive your breakthrough.
If you believe, you will receive your breakthrough as nothing is too hard for the Lord. So come with expectation.

See you there!
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Dr. Stella Dhinakaran

Dr. Stella Dhinakaran Born on 24th May 1938, Dr.Stella Dhinakaran was inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve God and to bring about a revival among the womenfolk, both in India and abroad.

On 17th August 1959, she got married to late Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran and became the backbone of his ministry. Helping him with patience and vigour, Dr.Stella Dhinakaran also engaged herself in the divine service of carrying the love and compassion of Christ to the distressed women in India and abroad.

On 14th February 1963, the Holy Spirit anointed Dr.Stella Dhinakaran, initiating a mighty revival in her ministry among women.

Soon Dr.Stella Dhinakaran, who was a very timid and shy person, began to speak in public meetings like a lioness for women folk. Women from all parts of the city pour into the ground where the public meetings are held, to listen to the message that Dr.Stella Dhinakaran brings from God. The Holy Spirit would operate the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit from within her. Physical, mental and emotional healing takes place in the bodies, minds and hearts of people as Dr.Stella Dhinakaran claims healing from diseases and deliverance from evil spirit torment. People surrender their lives to Christ with torrents of tears and sorrow of conviction of their sins.

Dr.Stella Dhinakaran is being used of God even in the Media Ministry and audio and video ministry. She has also written books that has wrought miracles in peoples lives and has transformed the lives of many. One of her books titled 'A Priceless Pearl' won the 'National Award for the Best Christian Book' published in 1989.

Besides these multi-faceted service, Dr.Stella Dhinakaran also conducts regular Women's Conferences in various parts of India and abroad. Several thousands of women pack the places where these conferences are conducted. It would be a spectacular scene of revival as she calls the women to a commitment during her altar call.

Of late, the Lord has been using Dr.Stella Dhinakaran mightily, bringing a great revival among womenfolk in India. The Lord gave a vision to her about 'Esther Prayer Group' in March 1988. She obeyed at once to the Heavenly vision of gathering together women who would like to wrestle in prayer for a revival among women. She gave a call through the Jesus Calls magazine, for women with this burden to surrender themselves as prayer warriors, to contact her in this regard. Out of those who responded to this Heavenly call, she formed a prayer group of all such sisters who are residing at Chennai, and started the prayer group in the month of June, the same Year, setting apart the second Saturday of every month for the Esther Prayer Group members to wrestle in prayer from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. These prayers are particularly focused on the revival among women and to pray with concern for the prayer points sent regularly by Dr.Stella Dhinakaran, every month. Now, more than 1000 Esther Prayer Groups have been formed all over the globe.

The Lord has showered a great revival among women in response to the prayers offered in these prayer groups. Many have tasted miracles.

Besides this, since November 1997, the Lord has enabled her to bring out a bi-monthly magazine exclusively for women titled 'Priceless Pearl' which is now being coveted and read by over fifty thousand women in India and abroad.

Thus Dr.Stella Dhinakaran continues faithfully and vigorously in her ministry in expanding the Kingdom of God the Kingdom of love and compassion on this earth.

For further information, mail to : [email protected]

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