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There are many testimonies of how God has healed & blessed at the Healing and Anointing Meetings at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.

Come to our next Healing and Anointing Meeting on the Feb 20th, 8pm to receive your breakthrough.
If you believe, you will receive your breakthrough as nothing is too hard for the Lord. So come with expectation.

See you there!
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Dr. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

Dr. Stella Dhinakaran Born on April 24, 1968, Sis.Evangeline joined the Dhinakarans' family by marrying Dr.Paul Dhinakaran on June 02, 1989. The very same day she also made her entry into the Lord's Ministry. She is not only a strong support to Dr.Paul Dhinakaran but also stands with him in prayers and sharing the Word of God in the meetings organized for youth during the campaigns.

Sis.Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran made her entry into the magazine ministry in 1990 by starting an exclusive magazine 'True Friend' for the youth along with Dr.Paul Dhinakaran and also serves as its Editor. She is also very much involved in the letter ministry where she counsels the youth who write to her seeking help and guidance.

Besides these she also ministers in the 'Women's Ministry' by talking to the youth and praying for them. She also brings out special programmes for the children and youth through our Television outreach.

The Lord has blessed all her efforts and made her a channel of blessing to countless young women and men.

Keeping in mind the fifteen fruitful years of her evangelical ministry, the International Institute of Maranatha Church, Germany conferred her the doctorate degree during the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival held in Germany on 15 April 2006.

She is also a sweet mom to three Children Sam (born 15-July-1990), Sharon (born 12-January-1992) and Sweety (born 05-February-1998) involving them in the ministry by way of singing in campaigns, television programmes etc. Many musical albums by Sam, Sharon and Sweety are smash hits with lovely traditional as well as new songs for everybody.

For further information, mail to : [email protected]

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