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There are many testimonies of how God has healed & blessed at the Healing and Anointing Meetings at the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.

Come to our next Healing and Anointing Meeting on the February 1st, 8pm to receive your breakthrough.
If you believe, you will receive your breakthrough as nothing is too hard for the Lord. So come with expectation.

See you there!
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The Media Ministries was first started way back in the year 1972 through FEBA; and now we reach the highest number of people through the Television Ministry, we have more than 1768 television programmes per month in 8 major languages through which, an estimated 90 million people are being blessed by these programmes.Under the TV Club plan one can pledge to support this facet of the ministry by making a donation of a minimum of RM 50/- or more every month regularly.

DONATION - Television Club
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I have been working in a company for 12 years. For the past 10 years, I did not receive any promotion from my company. Sometime in August this year, I called the Prayer Tower
My son Yovahn completed his Masters in Finance in USA. I called Jesus
Calls to pray for him to get a job upon graduating. Yovanh applied to over 50 companies
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