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Yes, refer to manufacturers directions for the specific rice cooker you have purchased.

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The recipes in this post should be used as a guideline. Learn how to cook rice in a microwave with perfect results. How to Steam Rice Perfectly Every Time The Woks of Life. This steamer rice. Always use oven mitts or pot holders when handling. Serve rice immediately after cooking.

At a microwave steamer rice instructions for tea or my rice! The rice grains came out firm and distinct but not too dry. Turn the stove to medium heat, stirring the rice continuously. Shrimp and Grits in it! Plus, learn how to cook rice in a rice cooker. Please try again with a valid file.

Season with salt and fluff with a fork just before serving. Now you can add the rice to any cooking device you plan to use. For whole roasts or hams, slice or cut them into smaller parts. Very easy to do rice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Butter and margarine are optional ingredients.


Do not overfill with water.

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Makes delicious rice, noodles, steamed veggies, and my favorite, mac n cheese.

Once washed, dry the cooker with a soft kitchen napkin. Plastic wrap to your microwave steamer basket will quickly? Thanks for the info. My fav rice is Jasmine. Cooker Set is still made in the USA!

Remove steaks and potatoes from grill to serving platter. Here is how you can start using your new microwave rice cooker. No sweat, no kidding. That is so weird! Rice is too awesome not to know how to make easily.

If need be, you can place the container back into the microwave. Not only that, but they seem to yield inconsistent results. Great to meet you. Cooks variety of foods. Boil the water in the pot over medium high heat. Cut open top and rice steamer vessel even.

Rinsing the rice before cooking will remove the extra starch, so the end product will have a better mouthfeel without the rice clumping together.


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For rice pudding and sushi, use medium or short grain rice. The rice absorbs the water completely and is not drained. Microwave rice cookers are the ultimate convenience device. Ready to Serve products? Sign up now to open up a whole new world of flavor! You must have did something wrong.

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Whisk until egg is thoroughly beaten and mixed with the broth. Cooking time is the same in the microwave for small amounts. The rice was so fluffy! Microwave time may vary. My dad used to like to mix in some raisins, too.